Modeling of Updating Moving Object Database Using Timed Petri net Model

Document Type : Original Article


1 Prof. of Computer Science & Engineering and President of Kafer El- Sheekh University, Egypt

2 Faculty of Computer and Information Menoufia University

3 Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information, Menoufya University, Egypt

4 Information Systems Dept, Faculty of Computers and Information, Menoufya University Egypt


Tracking moving objects is one of the most common requirements for many location-based applications. The location of a
moving object changes continuously but the database location of the moving object cannot update continuously. Modeling
of such moving object database should be considered to facilitate study of the performance and design parameters. Such
study is essential for selecting the optimal solution in order to minimize the implementation of the overhead cost. Location
updating strategy for such type of database is the most important criteria. This paper proposed a timed Petri net model
based on one of the most common updating strategies, namely the distance updating strategy. In addition, a method for
estimating the time needed to update Moving Object Database (MOD) using the concept of the minimum cycle time in timed Petri nets is presented. This time is the main criterion, which can be used to study the overhead communication cost for MOD. A typical numerical example is given to demonstrate the advantages of proposed modeling technique.