A lightweight Framework for Improving the Mobile Applications Performance

Document Type : Original Article


1 Computer Science dept., Faculty of Computers and Information, Menoufia University, Egypt

2 Faculty of Computer and Information Menoufia University


In Recent years, the smartphones have exploded in popularity and set to become the fastest spreading technology. These
devices have wide range of capabilities like more processing, more storage, GPS, Wi-Fi, camera, and others. As a result, the developer trends to build a complex application such as augmented reality, face detection, image processing and speech recognition. Although the capabilities that smartphones support, these applications require more processing and consume more battery. Therefore, the researchers trend to solve this problem by using rich resources such as cloud computing to support the mobile devices for execution these application. Where the mobile device offload these applications or part of it to be executed remotely on the cloud. This paper will introduce a lightweight framework to improve the performance of mobile applications and save the battery consumption. This framework have a core module which so-called dynamic offloader. This module determines dynamically at run time the decision for the offloading process based on the current environment. The experimental results are applied on Gaussian blur filter application and this
results proved that this lightweight framework improves the performance and saves energy of mobile applications.