Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3, November 2023, Pages 1-183 (Special issue for the proceedings of ICCI 2023 conference) 
Digital Twin-Based Job Shop Scheduling Algorithm for Poultry Feed Industrial Factory

Pages 9-15

Nehal Tarek Hassan Morsy; Nancy El-Hefnawy; Hatem Ahmed; Amira Abdelatey

A New Efficient Approach for Updating Formal Fuzzy Concepts

Pages 26-33

Ebtesam Elhossiny Shemis; Gamal Farouk Elhady; Ammar Mohammed Mohammed; Arabi Elsayed Keshk

C5050: An Efficient Framework for Author Identification Using Deep Learning

Pages 34-43

Ahmed Mahmoud mohamed anwar; Arabi Elsayed Keshk; Eman M Mohamed

A New XAI Evaluation Metric for Classification

Pages 58-62

Asmaa M M El-gezawy; Hatem Abdel-Kader; Asmaa H Ali

A Review on Improving Performance of Multi-Users Smart Homes Applications Based IoT

Pages 90-97

Shymaa Sobhy; Arabi Elsayed Keshk; Mahmoud Hussein; Eman M Mohamed

Prediction of Lung Cancer Using Supervised Machine Learning

Pages 113-118

Moshera mohamed Elgohary; Hatem Abdel-Kader; Asmaa elsaid

Breast Cancer Detection Based on Hybrid Deep Learning Models

Pages 119-125

Ibrahim Sayed Elaraby Mohamed; Sameh Zarif; Hatem Abdel-Kader; Mohamed Elsayed

A Comparative Study for Different Resampling Techniques for Imbalanced datasets

Pages 147-156

Alaa Mahmoud Elsobky; Arabi ELsaid Keshk; Mohamed Gaber Malhat

An Adaptation Technique to Enhance HTN Planning

Pages 157-163

Ahmad Salah Ahmad; Mohamed Nabil Shams El-Din; Ashraf Bahgat El-Sisi

Prediction Model for Peak Ground Acceleration Using Deep Learning

Pages 175-183

MONA MOHAMMED MOHMOUD; omar mohammed Saad; Arabi Keshk; Hatem Ahmed