Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, December 2021, Pages 1-176 (Special issue for proceedings of the first international conference of computers and information, ICCI 2021.) 
Security Testing of IOT Smart Applications

Pages 51-56

Shymaa Shaban; Eman M Mohamed; Arabi Elsayed Keshk

Survey of Computation Integrity Methods For Big Data

Pages 77-81

Doaa mohamed abo aly; Walid Atwa; Hamdy M. Mousa

A Comparative Analysis for Predicting Airline Arrival Delays

Pages 82-86

Alaa Ebrahim ghalwash; Hamdy M. Mousa; Heba Mohamed Atef Elbeh

A Review for Recommender System Models and Deep Learning

Pages 170-176

F. Nagy; A. Haroun; Hatem Abdel-Kader; Arabi Keshk